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Small World mobile services include:

 INTERNATIONAL SIM a service that allows the user to reduce its

  international roaming costs, and allows the carrier to increase its revenues

  from a value added service.

 SMS COLLECT services, that allows the user to send text messages even

  when he has run out of credit on his mobile, and increases dramatically the

  ARPU of the mobile carrier.

MOBILE ADVERTISING: This service enables the mobile operators to

  highly increase their revenues from advertising, as well as allowing the

  end user to benefit from reduced rates.

 MOBILE PARKING: A unique service that enables the customer to pay for

  parking worldwide, using his mobile phone.


Small World fixed line services include:

INTERNATIONAL OPERATOR SERVICES: Multilingual, round-the-clock

  international live and automated operator services.

 CREDIT CARD CALLS: Enabling our customers to generate international

  calls using major credit cards and calling cards.

  COLLECT CALLS: to USA, Canada, UK, Israel and other destinations

 INTERNET CONNECTIVITY: In-lobby and in-room internet connectivity 

  for hotel convenience;

 PRE-PAID cards for international calling

 INTERNATIONAL TURNKEY telecommunications projects

  Small World also provides a range of marketing and consulting services,

  from small scale to turnkey, to a global clientele of telecommunication