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The smart little card that connects

you to the people you love

Why pay more – when you can pay much less?! For international calling

from your own cellular phone from 170 countries AROUND THE GLOBE

– get Our International Sim Card.

With  you will SAVE UP TO 85% for outgoing calls, and incoming calls

are FREE OF CHARGE in over 70 countries around the world

(including most European countries).

  A card for a lifetime

 is the only card that you can keep on using even after your trip is over!

You can use it on your next trip and in every country that you visit, for as long

as you wish. You do not have to buy another card, or change it in certain

countries just RECHARGE IT – and you are connected!

It is very simple to use – just insert in your phone – and you can start making your calls!

You do not have to purchase a local sim card.

 Staying connected has never been so easy